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   "Sikorsky" is working name of game, based on graphics core DigitalNature and a set of libraries, developed by d-Strict and which provides realistic physics behavior of real objects in the simulation.

   The project itself is classical aircraft simulator. The main task of the project is realistic simulation of WWI aircrafts flight model, historical accuracy of different details and characteristics of aircrafts and vehicles.

   The game will present aircrafts and vehicles of different countries participants of WWI, as well as real war zones and in addition it will present a museum with description of historical facts concerning different crafts in game.

Key features:

- Realistic physics of propeller-driven airplanes.

- Detailed crash model.

- It is possible to play for pilot or gunner (on some aircraft models)

- Realistic physics of ground vehicles.

- High detail level of aircrafts and ground vehicles.

- Missions are based on historical war-operations.

- Simulated war zones correspond to real battle fields.

- High quality rendering of environment effects.

- High level of landscape details, vegetation, water surfaces.

- Dynamical lighting and shadowing

- Huge landscape sizes (300300 km and greater).



We are grateful for consultations and other help to organizations, listed below:

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